The vineyards are planted on the hillsides of a valley in a region that was once known as Indian Springs. The soil make up is of the Eden Shale type that was formed under the seabed of a prehistoric inland sea. These soils are unmodified by glaciations and are high in clay content and well drained, making them ideal for growing grapes.

Most of the vines are on a vertical shoot positioning (VSP) trellis, consisting of a bilateral low cordon. The growth habits of the varieties planted in the vineyards is upward and the VSP system allows for better canopy management resulting in quality fruit. Varieties presently grown at StoneBrook are Vidal Blanc, and Cayuga White; these are French hybrids that grow well in the area. A smaller quantity of Cynthiana Norton, an American variety, is also planted as well as Vignoier, Cabernet Franc, Marechal Foch and Concord.

The growing season is characterized by warm humid changeable weather turning cooler and dryer as harvest season approaches. Winters range from mild to harsh creating problems for growing vinifera even of the more winter hardy varieties. Fruits, depending on variety, are harvested in the early fall with high sugars and low acids at full maturity, which produce quality wines.